Animal Character art

In the late 70's I started a series of paintings based on animal characters.  have been inspired by illustrations for children's books of the late 1800s and early, pre-Disney television cartoons. I worked with an author on illustrations for her children's book which was positively commented on but not published and I sold prints of my watercolor characters in local galleries and  licensed them to a company that put them in gift shops. This style of having areas of color accented with calligraphic pen and ink is something that I have recently returned to. Adding other media such as colored inks, fluid acrylics and collage.

Here are a few of the images from that series. Mr Flamingos Classic Hour and Mr Frog's lesson are inspired by my time at Girls Latin School in Boston. The Dinner Party is reminiscent of family dinners. The lion character is inspired by my late father, Edward Boyle, an attorney in Boston. In 'Nothing to Do' I had only to look around at the gang of friends in the neighborhood of Hyde Park where I grew up on Fairmont hill. As for The Violin Lesson, I took piano from a neighbor who was formidable.